Vocabulaire du dossier

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Question Answer
le dehorsoutside/exterior
submergerto overcome/overwhelm/flood/submerge
follecrazy woman/"queen"
la rive gauchethe Paris of artists, writers and philosophers (Sartre, Hemingway etc)
lorsquewhen/as soon as/while
desserrerto loosen
desserrerto come loose
desservirlead to/go to/stop at/harm/put at disadvantage
croiserto bump into/to fold (arms)/see/cross arms with
d'ailleursby the bye/incidentally
à cause de cecibecause of this
à ceci près quewith the exception that
avoir l'habitude de be in the habit of doing something
s'emparer seize, take possession of, grasp, take hold of
la fouilleexcavations/search/check/frisking
fouillerto search (do a search)
fouillé meticulous
être à bout de soufflebreathless/on last legs
venir à bout deto overcome something
venir au bout deto come to the end of
au bout de after
ta gueuleshut the fuck up
dorénavantfrom now on
savoir faire qqcknow how to
ne rien savoir faire de ses dix doigts couldn't organise a piss-up in a brewer
le métieroccupation/trade
dispenserdispense/excuse/exempt/give out/distribute
retenirhold back/retain/remember
s'occuper de ses affairesmake your business
se reprendreget a hold on yourself
ainsi que as well as
à vrai dire to be honest
le piègea trap/tricky bit