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My brother doesnt know hw to use gadgets
do you want to go to the seaside
my father and ı used to build a lot ofsandcastles
sabri is a techno-geek
it is a .... to buy something you dont needwasteful
she bought me a coffee as a treat
our math hü wasdeath easy
ziya lives in a ..... housegreat big
tuya doesnt drink anything ..... so that she doesnt ... herselfboiling hot scald
Winter in istanbul isfreezing cold
emre bought a ... telephonebrand new
emre always claims he is bored stiff
I want to celebrate my birthday for...entertainment
tayfur is a .....council worker
my dad has turned our house into a ...antique fair/ haven
I want a ... in çatalcacottage
people keep their food inpantry
Our furniture is allhand picked
I want to join an auction
I have a .. for bakingpassion
the victorians loved the ...... around the pianosing song
I am trying to be ... by helping my mothersupportive
he is using all of his .... to impress mefeatures
we need a .... at schoolmicrowave oven
I have a few ... like ......mod cons - microwave oven
Pelinsu has to go to the... in every breaktimeloo
our house has all the modern ... conveniences
it is a .... little villagequaint eski antika
her home is the ... place on earthcosiest
my room is so ... twee şirin tatlı
naz wants to be agraphic designer
I bought a .... for burcak last yearpinny

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