Vocab5 noun

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niyetintention- why did you call if you have no intention to see me?
planlamaarrangement- I ve made arrangements to go home this weekend
hedef, amaçmy ambition is to retire at 40.
akşam yemeğiI will be cooking for the supper.
son derece korkmuşI was scared stiff after watching this movie
otobüsI take the coach
seyahat hızıthe coachs cruising speed is so low.
iniş kartıdont forget to fill in your landing cart
sabit the traffic came to a standstill
bağış, bursthe company recieved huge grants from the goverment
girişimciSteve Jobs was a huuge entrepreneur
fonI am looking for a funding for my new project
kahramanlıkhe will be telling us about his exploits
amaçone of his asprations is that to have a boyfriend
ilk albumhis debut album was the best
çoğul doku sertleşmesisarahs mother has multiple sclerosis
yorgunlukher mum suffers from fatigue.
zahmetI 'd hate to be a burden to you when I m older

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