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Question Answer
admonishto caution or advise against something
commandeerto seize for military or official use
cumbersomehard to handle
dilemmaa difficult situation or problem
spuriousnot true, not valid
relinquishto let go, to give up
salvageto save from fire, property thus saved
erraticnot regular or consistent, different of what is ordinarily spected, undependable
fortifyto strength, to build up
jeerto make fun rudely
mediocreaverage, ordinary
subjugateto conquer by force, bring under complete control
tantalizeto tease
illegibleimpossible to read
lucrativebringing in money
sullyto soil, stain, tarnish
adbridgeto make shorter
altercationan angry argument
fabricateto make, manufacture
semblancea likeness, an apparence
terminateto bring to an end
exorciseto drive out by magic
maraudera raider, plunderer
rifta split, break, breach
anarchylack of government and law
auspiciousfavorable, fortunate
dauntto overcome with fear, intimidate
hoodwinkto mislead by a trick
innanimateno having life, without spirit
prototypean original model on which later versions are patterned
rectifyto make right, correct
fateddetermined in advance by destiny or fortune
rebutto offer arguments or evidence that contradicts an assertion; to refute
reprimandto scold, find fault with; a rebuke
servitudeslavery, forced labor
slapdashcareless and hasty
brazenshameless, imprudent
exodusa large scale

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