Vocab Terms

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Section 1

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Abridgeto shorten or diminish
Surreptitiousdone in a secret way
Amenablewilling to agree/accept
Ambiguous having more than one meaning
Bombastic pompous or overblown
Antipathy strong feeling of dislike
Reiterate Reiterate to repeat for emphasis
Placate to stop another person's anger or resent
Garrulous very talkative

Section 2

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Extricate to free or remove from
Impetuousmarked by an impulsive force
Laconic using few words (precise)
Opulence self indulgent
Distend to expand or swell
Sated satisfied
Nemesisopponent or enemy
Stoic not showing passion or feeling
Tact keen sense of appropriateness

Section 3

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Abstrusehard to understand
Archaicold or ancient
Antithesisthe direct opposite
Assuageto soothe, moderate, or relieve
Depravitystate or instance of moral corruption
Disdaina feeling of contempt or scorn
Dormantasleep or inactive
Enigmaticmysterious or obscure
Fuseto join together
Insipidtasteless or boring
Loatherto hate very much
Mitigateto make less harsh
Nullifyto cause something to have no effect
Obscurenot clearly seen or understood
Recantto publicly withdraw a previous belief

Section 4

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Taciturntending not to talk
Vilifyto say or write harsh things
Affableeasy to approach or friendly
Aversionfeeling of dislike or hatred
Banallacking originality
Capriciouscharacterization of sudden changes in attitude
Contritefilled with a sense of remorse or guilt
Dawdleto move or act slowly
Debilitateto make someone/something weak
Disparageto belittle/ridicule
Dogmaticputting forward opinions in an aggressive manner
Fastidiousoverly critical or demanding
Irascibleeasily angered/irritated
Laudto praise
Opaquedifficult to see through
Ostentatiousmarked by a false or overly grand display
Prodigalwasteful in spending money unwisely
Prolificproducing rapidly or in great numbers
Reticentwilling or accustomed to be silent
Servileobeying like a slave

Section 5

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Superfluousbeing more than enough
Ambivalentmarked by contradictory feelings
Antithesisthe exact opposite
Belieto contradict
Benignhaving or showing a gentle nature
Dauntto lessen the courage of
Defamationthe act of defaming
Deprecateto express disapproval of
Discernto perceive by sight or intellect (recognize)
Disparityinequality or different
Duplicitydeceitfulness in behavior/speech/conduct
Engenderto produce or cause
Eruditecharacterized by a great academic knowledge
Esotericmeant to be understood only by a small group of people