Vocab section 2

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Question Answer
neuron nerve cell that transmits info
dendrites parts of the neurons that receive info from axons
axons part of the neuron that carries messages
synapse junction point of 2 or more neurons
vesicles bubble like containers of neurotransmitters
neurotransmitters chemicals in the endings of neurons that send info across the synapse
dopamine neurotransmitters involved in bodily movements
acetylchonline neurotransmitters that regulate basic body processes
serotoninbrain chemical
endorphins neurotransmitters that releive pain
CNS brain and spinal cord
spinal cordautomatic brain
reflex automatic behavior of the body
endocrine system system that includes all glands
pituitary system major endocrine gland
pineal gland mass of tissue
thyroid gland large ductless gland
adrenal glandendocrine glands that produce a variety of hormones.
pancreaslarge gland behind the stomach.
gonadsproduces gametes.
ovariesfemale reproductive organ.
testesproduces male reproductive organs.
PNSoutside the brain and organ.
ANSAutonomic nervous system.
SNSsynthetic nervous system.
Sympathetic systemSNS.
Parasympathetic systemserves to slow heart rate, ect.