Vocab. Quiz #2

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Question Answer
aphorismstatement in concise and witty manner
blank verseunrhymed iambic pentameter
proselanguage w/ no formal metrical structure
voiceform a narrator tells story through
anaphorarepetition of the first part of the sentence
autobiographya history self-told
pentameterline with five strong metrical feet
conceitunlikely but imaginative comparison
pyrrhictwo unaccented, short syllables
stlyethe way a writer writes
colloquialismuse of informal words or slang
allgoryabstract ideas & principles are characters & events
trimeterconsists of three iambic feet
balanced sentencetwo or more parallel clauses
toneattitude of the writer
rhetorical questionasked for effect only
hexameterline with six feet
personathe author's mouth piece
tetrametera line of four metrical feet
point of viewthe angle of considering things
free versepoetry w/o regular meter or fixed rhyme
imageryfigurative language appeals to senses

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