Vocab Psychology

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NeurotransmittersChemicals in the ending of neurons that send information across synapse
DopamineNeurotransmitter involved in the control of bodily movement
AcetylcholineNeurotransmitter that regulates basic bodily processes such as movement
SerotoninA compound present in blodd platelets and serum that constricts blood vessels and acts as a neurotransmitter
EndorphinsNeurotransmitters that relieves pain and increase our sense of well being
Central Nervous SystemThe brain and spinal cord
Spinal CordCylindrical bundle of fibers and associated tissue located in the spine
ReflexInvoluntary Action
Endocrine SystemSystem that includes all the glands and there chemical messages taken together
Pituitary GlandThe master gland that controls other glands and hormones
Pineal GlandSmall cone shaped organ in the brain of the most vertebrates that secretes the hormone melatonin
Thyroid Glandtwo lobe endocrine gland found in all vertebrates
Adrenal GlandGlands that cause excitement in order to prepare the body for emergency
Pancreaslong, irregular shaped gland in vertebrates
GonadsThe sex glands, they make sperm and eggs for reproduction
OvariesFemale sex organ that make eggs and female hormones
Testesmale sex organ that makes sperm for reproduction
PNSNervous system outside the brain and spinal cord
ANSThe automatic control system of the body, regulates breathing, heart rate, digestion
SNSpart of the peripheral nervous system system associated with the skeletal muscle voluntary control of body movements
Sympathetic SystemPart of the automatic nervous system which smooths muscles and increase heart rate
Parasympathetic Systempart of the autonomic nervous system originating in the brain stem and the lower part of the spinal cord

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