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Acrimonybitter, sharp animosity, especially in behavior or speech
Presumptionarrogance; excessive self-assuracne; unbecoming boldness
Acerbicsour or bitter in taste; harsh or sharp in speech
Peremptoryurgently commanding; not allowing contradictment or disagreement
Importuneto make repeated and insistent demands or requests
Preemptto take precedence over someone or something already arranged
Acquisitiveeagerly seeking to obtain things, wealth, or information
Impecuniouslacking money; penniless
Acumenkeeness of insight and discernment
Purportto claim; to profess; to appear to be
Querulouscomplaining; irritable; peevish
Pecuniaryrelating to money or necessary payment of it
Comportmentbehavior; demeanor
Meritoriouspraiseworthy; deserving reward or esteem
Sumptuarypertaining to or regulating expenditure, often for religious or moral reasons
Meretriciousattention getting in a vulgar way
Acutevery discerning; quickly alert to impressions; severe; intense
Subsumeto place in a longer category or under a general heading or principal
Exacerbateto increase the severity or something
Acridbitterly pungent or harsh in taste or smell

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