Vocab E 9-10

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Question Answer
Lucentshining; luminous
Lucidclearly expressed; easy to understand
Elucidateto make clear or plain; to clarify
Pellucidvery clear
Luminaryobject that gives off light
Luminescencelight given off by means other than burning
Musterto assemble people, especially troops
Remonstrateto speak out of protest or dissaproval
Umbrageextreme offense, resentment
Adumbrateto give a sketchy outline
Denigrateto speak derogatively of someones character or reputation
Necromancythe art of prediting events through dead stuff
Palla cover for a coffin or tomb
Palliateto make a situation, especially an offense, seem less erious
Palliddeficient in color; having an abnormally pale complexion
Apocryphalfalse; counterfeit, doubtful, especially in authorship
Apoplexya seizure
Apostatea person who forsakes his or her own principles, religion, or allegiances
Castigateto punish; to criticize severely; to chastise
Chastento seek to improve through punishment
Occlusionsomething that blocks; an obstruction
Reclusesomeone who lives alone and avoids company
Claviera keyboard instrument, like a piano or harpsichord
Conclavea private, exclusive, or secret meeting
Enclavea country enclosed by another country
Diadema crown or headband worn as a sign of authority
Diatribean abusive criticism or attack
Diametricalpertaining to a diameter or exact opposite
Diasporaany group migration or flight

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