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George WashingtonIn June 1775 G.W. became the commander of the Continental Army
MercenaryA professional soldier to hired to fight for a foreign country
StrategyAn overall plan of action
RevenduosA meeting
Battle of SaratogaA series of conflicts between British and the colonists. In 1777 it proved to be a turning point in the war.
AllyA country that agrees ti help another country achieve a common goal
Marquis de LayafetteVolunteered for G.W., persuaded French king to ally with them
BayonetsA long steel knife attached to a gun
DesertTo leave military duty

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PrivateerA privately owned ship that at wartime government gives militia to attack on enemies merchant ships
James Forten14 year old, son of a free sailmaker. Became famous for trying to end slavery
John Paul JonesWon sea battle between British attacked ship named Serapis and eventually caused them to surrender
Lord CornwallisA British General in the Revolutionary War
GuerillasA soldier who weakens the enemy with surprise attacks: and hit and run raids
PacifistA person morally opposed to war
Battle of YorktownThe american and French troops bombaord Yorktown with cannon fire; The last major battle of the Revolutionary War, which resulted in the surrender of Brittish forces in 1780

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Treaty of Paris of 1783A treaty that ended the French and Indian War; Britain gave up all lands past the Mississippi
Republicanism The belief that government should be based on the content of people
Elizabeth Freemansued for her freedom in Massachusetts court and won; she ended slavery in her state
Richard AllenPreacher; start free African society, also founded the American Church

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