Vocab - adjectives

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Section 1

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ArgumentativeA person who is argumentative likes arguing or often starts arguing
ArrogantBehaving in a proud, unpleasant way, showing little thought for other people
BluntVery direct; saying exactly what you think without trying to be polite
CallousNot caring about other people’s feelings or suffering / cruel, unfeeling
CantankerousBad-tempered and always complaining / zrzędliwy
CompassionateFeeling or showing sympathy for people who are suffering
Complacent about sth/sbToo satisfied with yourself or with a situation, so that you do not feel that any change is necessary
ConciliatoryHaving the intention or effect of making angry people calm / pojednawczy
CondescendingBehaving as though you are more important and more intelligent than other people / protekcjonalny
ConfusedUnable to think clearly
CowardlyNot brave; not having the courage to do things
Cynicalbelieving that people only do things to help themselves rather than for good or honest reasons
Despicablevery unpleasant or evil
Domineeringtrying to control other people without considering their opinions or feelings / apodyktyczny, despotyczny
Double-facednot sincere
Dullslow in understanding / stupid
Effeminate(of a man or a boy) looking, behaving or sounding like a woman or a girl
Egotisticalthinking that you are better or more important than anyone else
Excitable(of people or animals) likely to become easily excited

Section 2

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Feisty(of people) strong, determined and not afraid of arguing with people / zadziorny
Foul-mouthedusing rude, offensive language
Hen-peckedpod pantoflem
Humorlessnot having or showing the ability to laugh at things that other people think are amusing
Ignorantlacking knowledge or information about something; not educated
Impressionable(of a person, especially a young one) easily influenced or affected by somebody/something
Insecurenot confident about yourself or your relationships with other people
Intellectualwell educated
Judgmentaljudging people and criticizing them too quickly
Malevolenthaving or showing a desire to harm other peopl
Manipulativeskilful at influencing somebody or forcing somebody to do what you want, often in an unfair way
Meekquiet, gentle, and always ready to do what other people want without expressing your own opinion
Narrow-mindednot willing to listen to new ideas or to the opinions of others
Nihilisticholding or showing the belief that nothing has any value, especially that religious and moral principles have no value
Obsequious/subservienttrying too hard to please somebody, especially somebody who is important / służalczy
Opinionatedhaving very strong opinions that you are not willing to change
Phonynot real or true; false, and trying to trick people

Section 3

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Posh & snobbishwykwintny / eeling that you are better than other people because you are more intelligent or like things that many people do not like
Pretentioustrying to appear important, intelligent, etc. in order to impress other people; trying to be something that you are not, in order to impress
Pricklyeasily annoyed or offended / touchy
Prissytoo careful to always behave correctly and appearing easily shocked by rude behaviour / prudish
Privatenot wanting to share thoughts and feelings with other people
Rambunctiousfull of energy in a cheerful and noisy way / hałaśliwy
Rationalable to think clearly and make decisions based on reason rather than emotions
Remorselesscruel and having or showing no pity for other people
Sarcasticshowing or expressing sarcasm
Schemingoften planning secretly to do something for your own advantage, especially by cheating other people / knujący,spiskujący
Sexisttreating other people, especially women, unfairly because of their sex or making offensive remarks about them
Sardonicshowing that you think that you are better than other people and do not take them seriously / mocking
Shallownot showing serious thought, feelings, etc. about something / superficial
Superciliousbehaving towards other people as if you think you are better than they are / superior
Tensenervous or worried, and unable to relax
Uncontrollablethat you cannot control or prevent
Unoriginalmało oryginalny, banalny
Violentinvolving or caused by physical force that is intended to hurt or kill somebody
Weak-willedo słabym charakterze
Wittyable to say or write clever, amusing things / dowcipny, błyskotliwy
Zealousshowing great energy and enthusiasm for something, especially because you feel strongly about it / gorliwy, zagorzały