Vocab 6

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Question Answer
juxtaposeto place side by side, especially for the purpose of comparison
condoneto ignore or overlook and offensive, illegal, or unethical act; to passively support this act by overlooking it
fortuitoushappening as a result of an accident or a random, coincidental event, and having a happy or fortunate result
reproachblame, censure; a cause of blame or censure
tantamountequivalent to, practically the same as
venerateto honor, respect, revere
insipid dull, uninteresting; tasteless
saccharineartificially sweet; overly and insincerely sweet and/or sentimental
retractto take back, withdraw
elusivedifficult to find, capture, grasp, understand, or define
heresy describes beliefs expressed in opposition to or in disagreement with the accepted, orthodox beliefs of a religion or a social political order
discernmentgood judgment, especially in appraising quality or in understanding the true meaning of something
ambivalentholding two different, conflicting feelings about the same thing at the same time; unsure, indescisive
profuse abundant; extravagant
crypticpuzzling, difficult to understand; purposely confusing like a secret code; having a hidden meaning

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