Vocab 5 mixed

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Question Answer
zaman çizelgesican you check the timetable to see
spontanewe didnt tplan our trip it was spontaneous
önerican ı make a suggestion
başarmakhe made a succes of being a ceo
türbulanswe are having a turbulance
istekliı am a keen fan of you
problemthe worsr aspect of my job is the long hours
gelişmedeI didnt finish it ut it is in progress
primarilyhis decisions are primarily
durumthey are having a bad condition
devam etmekı ll carry on till he tells me to stop
ilhammhe is my inspration
bekleplease hold on a second
ajandai put you in my diary
kıskanmak özenmekı really admire his success
yıllık-ortalamathe annual cost to the EU is...
beklemekı will hang about here till you re done
ortalamahis graes are better than average