Vocab 4

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Question Answer
Atrophy(noun) degeneration, neglect, gradual loss of muscle or flesh usually because of disease or lack of use,
Bastion(noun) a stronghold, a place or system in which something (such as an old-fashioned idea) continues to survive,
Concord(noun) a state in which people or things agree with each other and exist together in a peaceful way (harmony)
Consummate(verb) bring to the state of completion
Disarray(noun) lack of order
Exigency(noun) something that is necessary in a particular situation (urgent demand)
Flotsam(noun) floating debris, floating pieces from a ship that has been wrecked, regected
Frenetic(adj) frenzied, or confusion
Glean(verb) to gather or collect (something) in a gradual way, slowly (collect, extract)
Grouse(verb) to grumble or complain
Incarcerate(verb) to put (someone) in prison
Incumbent(noun) a person who holds a particular office or position at the time (adj) mandatory/required (necessary)
Jocular(adj) liking to tell jokes, humorous
Ludicrous(adj) very foolish
Mordant(adj) expressing harsh criticism, especially in a way that is funny; sharp, accostic
Nettle(verb) to irritate (noun) a tall plant that has leaves with hairs that sting you if you touch them
Pecuniary(adj) relating to or in the form of money (monitary)
Pusillanimous(adj) weak and afraid of danger, lacking courage
Recumbent(adj) lying down
Stratagem(noun) a trick or plan for deceiving and enemy or for achieving a goal, to outwit

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