VOCAB 17-21

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Section 18

Question Answer
genocidethe deliberate destruction of a group of people
resignto accept as inevitable; to give up
predilectiona preference toward someone or something
fauxartificial; false; not genuine
foraya surprise attack, especially into enemy territory; a journey
conjecturea judgment or opinion based on little or questionable evidence
allocateto distribute, allot, or designate
gratisfree; without charge
materialisticwanting material possessions
belaborto work at something beyond practicality; to overstress
progenyoffspring; children
quintessentialthe most typical; ideal
rudimentarybasic; not refined or well developed
monolithicmassive, uniform, and solid
manifestoa public declaration of policies or intentions


Question Answer
tantamountof essentially equal value or significance
subversivein opposition to authority or government
conducivetending to cause or bring about
amenableagreeable; responsive to suggestion or advice
stricturea restraint or limit
sedentarycharacterized by or requiring
influxan inward flow
rigoroussevere; relentless; harsh
patinaa sheen on a surface resulting from age or use
placeboa fake drug used ins the testing of medication
juntaa military group ruling a country after seizing power
pinnacea peak or climax
mollifyto reduce, soothe, or calm
perjurylying under oath
plaintiveexpressing sorrow; mournful