Vocab 13-14

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Question Answer
Aesthetea person who appreciates beauty and nature and cool stuff
Aestheticappreciation of beauty
Beatificdemonstrating extreme joy or blessedness
Beatitudesupreme blessedness; exalted hapiness
Benignkindly; mlid and gentle in effect
Benignantbeneficial; kindly
Benisona blessing or benediction
Bona Fideauthentic; genuine
Bonanzaa rich mass of ore
Bon Vivanta person who enjoys good food and drink; a rich asshole
Boonjolly; convivial
Debonairsuave; urbane; nonchalant
Eugenicsstudy of improving species
Euphemismthe use of a neutral, mild, or vague word or phrase
Euphonypleasant sounds, especially in spoken language
Maladroitclumsy, especially in using the hands
Malaisea vague feeling of ill health or depression
Malapropismthe misuse of a word, especially when unintentional
Malefactorsomeone who commites a crime
Malevolentwishing harm to someone; malicious
Malignto speak harmful untruths about someone or something
Malfeasancemisconduct, especially by apublic official
Malingerto pretend to be sick or injured ino order to evade responsibiliities
Mendcaiouslying, untruthful, false
Mendicanta beggar, anyone who earns a living by begging
Emendationlteration or improvment of writing to remove errors
Peccadilloa small sin or fault, a trifling offense
Impeccablewithout flaw; flawless
Licentiouslacking moral discipline or self restraint, especially in sexual matters
Illicitillegal; not sanctioned by law or tradition