Vocab 11-12

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Question Answer
Abateto reduce in quantity or intensity
Bellicosewarlike; eager to fight
Belligerenta country or persons engaged in warfare or hostile action
Dauntto intimidate; to discourage
Fortea persons strong point; the thing in which a person excels
Fortitudecourage in enduring pain or trouble
Carte Blancheunrestricted power to act at ones discretion
Pugnaciousquarrelsome; eager for a fight
Impugnto oppose or attack as false
Casuitryuse of morals to reason out right or wrong
Decadentdeclining or decaying
Occsidenteverything to the west of asia, especially europe
Recividisma relapse into a former habit
Cedeto yield or surrender rights to your possessions
Accedeto consent; to agree
Concessionthe act of granting or yielding
Intercedeto act on anothers behalf
Predatorypreying on other animals
Depredationdestruction; plunder
Punctiliousprecise; scrupulous; attentive to details
Pungenthaving a strong, biting taste or smell
Compunctionuneasiness caused by guilt; remorse
Expungeto omit; to delete

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