Vocab 10-12

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Unit 10

Question Answer
Agenda A program; things to be done
ArchaicExtremely old; out dated
BrevityBriefness; shortness
CoherentTo hold together; making sense
CrypticMysterious; puzzling
DisparateDifferent; incompatible; unequal
ExemplifyTo illustrate by example
GesticulateTo make gestures, especially when speaking or in place of speaking
IndifferentNot caring one way or another
LevityLightness; frivolity; refers to mood
MunificentVery generous; lavish; open hearted
PedanticBoringly scholarly or academic
ProficientThoroughly competent; skillful
ResoluteDetermined; firm; unwavering
StigmatizeTo brand with disgrace; to condemn

Unit 11

Question Answer
AlacrityCheerful readiness or eagerness to respond
AristocraticOf noble birth; snabbish
BurgeonTo expand; to flourish
CompellingForceful; causing to yield
CursoryHasty; quick; superficial; casual
DistendTo expand a great deal; to swell
ExistentialHaving to do with existence
GratuitousUnjustified; unprovoked; unwarranted
InertSluggish; unmoving
LucidEasy to understand; clear
ProponentAn advocate for a cause
RhetoricThe art of formal speaking or writing
StrifeA bitter conflict; discord

Unit 12

Question Answer
AlloyA combination of two things, usually metals
AssuageTo soothe; to pacify
CajoleTo persuade someone to do something he or she does not want to do
ComplicityParticipation in wrongdoing; the act of being an accomplice
DearthLack; scarcity
DogmaticArrogantly assertive of unproven ideas
ExpediteTo speed up or ease the process of
HackneyedOverused; trite; overdone
InferTo conclude; to deduce
LugubriousExaggeratedly; mournful; melancholy
NominalIn name only; insignificant
PerfidyTreachery; betrayal
PropensityA natural inclination or tendency
RudimentaryBasic; crude; elementary
SubjugateTo subdue or dominate; to enslave
penchanta strong liking of something; fondness
Nebulousvague, hazy, indistinct

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