Vocab #1

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Question Answer
After practice, the girls' softball team stated, "We're famished!" Famished means... Hungry
The newborn baby was enamored with the rattle. Enamored meansFascinated
When having a problem, it is best to dissect the situation, then act. Dissect means... Analyze
The bouncer's countenance discouraged brawls. Countenance meansExpression
The child apprized her father's authority and behaved herself in church. Apprized meansAppreciated
The aural component of balance is critical for postural control during ambulation. Aural means related to theEars
The wound exhibited signs of copious drainage requiring medical intervention. Copious meansMaximal
The scientist was able to evoke powerful emotions from her audience. Evoke meansCall forth
The official exhibited a heedless attitude when dealing with the dignitaries. Heedless meansThoughtless
The general tried to instill the hope of victory in his troops. Instill meansInfuse