Vocab 1

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Section 1

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FinesseNoun; delicate, subtle skill. Verb; to bring about with skill, such as evading
LugubriousAdjective; sad or mournful by an exaggerated degree
Purloin Verb; to steal
NemesisNoun; an avenger; a rival who is unbeatable; a person who punishes one for their evil deeds
GliblyAdjective; done in a smooth yet offhand manner; easily spoken; speaking so smoothly that it can't be sincere.

Section 2

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BanalAdjective; commonplace, stale from overuse
PseudonymNoun; a fictitious name of an author; pen name
LampoonNoun; very satirical writing. Verb; to satirize
NefariousAdjective; villainous; infamous; having a bad reputation
BellicoseAdjective; one who seeks to quarrel or fight; hostile

Section 3

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EuphemismNoun; a mild expression that is used to replace an expression or saying that is much more offensive or harsh
NebulousAdjective; hazy or vague; undefined
AbjectAdjective; hopelessly bad or low; wretched, miserable, without dignity or respect for oneself
ProprietyNoun; acceptable behavior; comfort with conventional standards
RevileVerb; to attack with abusive language; to call insulting names

Section 4

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DistraughtAdjective; in a state of mental conflict or agitation; crazed
AdmonishVerb; to reprove, but in a mild and kind way, yet invoking seriousness; to warn or caution; urge
ProsaicAdjective; matter of fact; ordinary; commonplace
PhlegmaticAdjective; sluggish or indifferent; calm
CommensurateAdjective; in proper proportion, with same scale, measure, or size; proportionate

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