Vocab 1

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안녕 하세요Hello./Hi./How are you?./What's up?/Good afternoon./etc
안녕well-being, peace
하세요you do, do you? please do
존댓말polite/formal language
감사 합니다Thank you.
감사appreciation, thankfulness, gratitude
합니다I do, I am doing
Yes. - can mean a lot, is like 'yeah'
아니요No - you disagree to statement
맞아요often added after 네 to express 'you're right' clearly
안녕히 계셰요goodbye, if you are leaving - stay in peace.
안녕히 가세요goodbye, if you are staying - go in peace.
아니에요to be not, it's not, you're not, I'm not etc.
저 아니에요It's not me.
우유 아니에요It's not milk.
물 아니에요It's not water.
이거 우유 아니에요This is not milk.
저 학생 아니에요I am not a student.
저기 술 아니에요That is not liquor.
그기 고양이 아니에요It is not a cat.

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