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Vocab 1

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Question Answer
Agnostic(n) A person who is not sure whether or not God exist.
2. Alacrity(n) Enthusiasm
3. Allay(V) Calm, pacify
4. Alleviate(V) Mitigate, to make lesson
5. Allude(V) Refer in indirect way
6. Attruism(n) Work for others
7. Ambidextrous(adj.) Able to use both hands with equal ease
8. Ambivalence(n) Uncertainty
9. Ameliorate(v) To improve
10. Amenable(adj.) Easy to control


Question Answer
11. Amiable(adj.) Friendly in disposition (outlook)
12. Amicable(adj.) Friendly in feeling
13. Amnesty(n) Pardon (to excuse)
14. Amorous(adj.) Showing sexual desire and love
15. Anamalous(adj.) Abnormal
16. Apathy(n) Lack of interest
17. Aplomb(n) Assurance
18. Apocalyptic(adj.) Prophety
19. Apocryphal(adj.) Of questionable authorship or authenticity


Question Answer
20. Apostate(n) A person who abundance political or religious beliefs
21. Archetype(n) Ardutype (original)
22. Aduous (adj.) Stupid
23. Arraign(v) Change in core(indict)
24. Asinine(adj.) Stupid
25. Askance(adj.) Suspicion
26. Bludgeon (n) Staff (Lathi), a short club with a heavy loaded end
27. Bohemian (n) A person with artistic or literary interests who disregards


Question Answer
conventional standards of behaviour
28. Bonhomie (n) Amiability, Friendly
29. Bowdlerize (v) To remove passages considered offensive
30. Brackish (adj.) Salty
31. Braggadocio (n) Boast, Ding haakna
32. Cadence (n) The rise and fall of voice in speaking
33. Callow (adj.) Young and inexperienced , immature
34. Calumny (n) False accusation
35. Conard (n) Deliberately misleading story


Question Answer
36. Candour (n) Frank and honest speaking. The quality of being frank and honest in
his behaviour
37. Canker (n) A disease causing sore patches
38. Cantankerous (adj.) Bad tempered
39. Capacious (adj.) Spacious
40. Capricious (adj.) Fickle
41. Captious (adj.) Fault finding
42. Carapace (n) Hard outer cell
43. Carousal (n) A noisy drinking party


Question Answer
44. Cartel (n) A group of companies in the same business area that form an
45. Castigate (v) To criticize or punish somebody severely
46. Casuistry (n) Use of clever argument to deceive people
47. Catechism (n) Book for religious instruction
48. Canterize (v) To born with a hot substance
49. Cardinal (adj.) Very important
50. Consternation (adj.) A feeling of great surprise, shock & anxiety


Question Answer
51. Construe (v) To interpret
52. Contiguos(adj.) Adjoining, adjacent
53. Continence (n) Continence, self restrain
54. Contretemps (n) Squabble
55. Contrite (adj.) Discord, disagreement
56. Contrived (adj.) Showing effect of planning or manipulation
57. Contusion (n) Injury in which the skin is not broken
58. Codici (n) Addition to will (Vasiyat) by a person


Question Answer
59. Cogent (adj.) Convincing
60. Cogitate (v) To think seriously
61. Cognitive (adj.) The process of learning
62. Cohorts(n) A band of soldiers, Group of people
63. Colloquial (adj.) Used in conversation but not formally
64. Collusion (n) A secret agreement for fraudulent means of purpose, conspiracy
65. Collosus (n) Extremely large sized
66. Comestible (n) Eatable, edible
67. Comelypance (n) A punishment for something bad that on has done


Question Answer
68. Commensurate (adj.) Proportional
69. Commiserate (adj.) To symphatise with
70. Complacent (adj.) Too satisfied with one self
71. Comport (v) To behave in a particular way
72. Compunction (n) A feeling of guilt about doing something
73. Concatenate (v) To link together
74. Comcomitant (n) An accompany condition
75. Complaisant (adj.) Willing to please
76. Concord (v) Harmony


Question Answer
77. Condescend (v) Lower oneself
78. Condone (v) To forgive
79. Conflagration (n) A general burning
80. Embroi (v) To involve in quarrel
81. Emetic (n) An agent that causes vomiting
82. Emissary (n) Agent
83. Emollient (n) Softening or soothing agent
84. Empathize(v) To relate to another after being through the same experience


Question Answer
85. Empyrean (n) The highest heaven
86. Enamoured (adj.) In love, captivate
87. Encomium (n) High praise
88. Endemic (adj.) Prevalent in or restricted to a particular locality
89. Enervate (v) To deprive of strength, force, vigour etc.
90. Enigma (n) A riddle, a puzzle
91. Entreat (v) Plead, Beseech
92. Enunciate (v) Speak distinctly, articulate


Question Answer
93. Ephemera (adj.) Temporary, short lived
94. Epicure (n) One who enjoys and has a discriminating taste for find food & drink
95. Epistemology (n) Study the nature of knowledge
96. Epitaph (n) Inscription in the memory of the dead person
97. Epithet (n) Descriptive word or a phrase
98. Epitome (n) Icon, paragon, embodiment
99. Equanimity (n) Calm and balanced
100. Equivocal (adj.) Uncertain, doubtful
101. Equivocate (adj.) To use evasive language (doubtful not clear


Question Answer
102. Erudite (adj.) Scholar minded profound knowledge
103. Ennvi Bored
104. Fawning (adj.) Courting, favour by flatter
105. Fecund (adj.) Productive
106. Felony (n) A major crime
107. Feral (adj.) Wild and undomesticated
108. Fervid (adj.) Impassioned
109. Fetid (adj.) Wound
110. Fetish (n) An object with magical powers
111. Fiat (n) A command


Question Answer
112. Fiduciary (adj.) Related to a son or daughter
113. Flagellate (v) To whik
114. Flipplant (n) To take a serious situation lightly or casually
115. Flummox (v) To confuse
116. Fortuitous (adj.) Happening by chance
117. Fractious (adj.) Stubborn
118. Fulminate (v) To criticize very angrily
119. Furbish (v) To renovate
120. Furtive (adj.) Secretive


Question Answer
121. Gargantuan (adj.) Of tremendous size or volume, memock
122. Gauche (adj.) Lacking social experience
123. Gavel (n) Hammer light tude
124. Generic (adj.) Not having a brand name
125. Genuflect (adj.) To be obedient or respectful
126. Germane (adj.) Being relevant and appropriate
127. Gingerly (adj.) Very cautious and carefree
128. Glitch (n) A minor malfunction or error that causes temporary setback
129. Gluttonous (adj.) Voracious
130. Gossamer (adj.) Delicate
131. Gourmet (n) Food lover
132. Gratis (adj. or adv.) Free of charge
133. Gratuitous (adj.) Spontaneous
134. Gravid (adj.) anticipating


Question Answer
135. Grove (v) To lower oneself to please another
136. Habiliment (adj.) Press or attire
137. Halcyon (adj.) Peaceful
138. Hallowed (adj.) Blessed
139. Harangue (n/v) A long, angry or forceful speech
140. Harbinger (adj.) A forerunner
141. Harlequin (adj.) Vaned in colour
142. Hedonism (n) The doctrin that please is highest good endorgence sensual
143. Hegamony (n) Bullying over someone
144. Hermetical (adj.) Seated or fusion



Question Answer
145. Haitus (n) A gap or break
146. Hubris (n) Arrogance
147. Iconoclastic (adj.) Attacking, cherist traditions
148. Idiosyncratic (adj.) An unusual traides in a person
149. Incantation (n) Singing or chanting of magical space
150. Incarcerate (v) To imprison
151. Inchoate (adj.) Not fully developed yet
152. Incipient (adj.) Not fully developed yet
153. Incriminate (v) To accuse
154. Indelible (adj.) Impossible to remove
155. Indict (v) To charge
156. Indigent (adj.) Poor, destitute
157. Indubitably (adj.) Beyond a doubt
158. Inebriated (adj.) A person who has drunk too much alcohol
159. Ineluctable (adj.) Inevitable that cannot be Stopped
160. Infraction (n) Violation of law
161. Inimitable (adj.) Matchless


Question Answer
162. Iniquitous (adj.) Wrong, wicked
163. Innuendo (n) Insinuation, suggestion
164. Insidious (adj.) Cunning
165. Insouciant (adj.) To take a serious issue in a light manner
166. Levity (n) Lightness
167. Libertine (n) Without moral restrained philanderor, playboy
168. Lithe (adj.) Graceful
169. Loquacious (adj.) To be sad
170. Lugabrious (adj.) To be sad
171. Macabre (adj.) Horrible
172. Malestrom (n) A situation full of strong emotions or confusing events
173. Malapropism (n) Ludicrous, Misuse of words
174. Malediction (n) Curse


Question Answer
175. Martinet (n) Very strict disciplinarian
176. Masochist (n) Person who enjoys his own pains
177. Masticate (v) To chew
178. Maudlin (adj.) Tearfully sentimental
179. Maunder (v) Wander
180. Mausoleum (n) Tomb
181. Maverick (n) Rebellious
182. Mayhem (n) Inflict injury
183. Melange (n) Mixture
184. Mendacious (adj.) Not truthful, lying
185. Mendicant (n) Beggar
186. Meretricious (adj.) Attractive
187. Misanthrope (n) A person who hates people
188. Modicum (n) Small amount
189. Mordant (adj.) Sarcastic
190. Moribund (adj.) Coming to an end
191. Mortify (v) Humiliation