Vocab 1.5

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Question Answer
censureharsh criticism or disapproval
coalesce fuse or cause to come together
complacent contented to a fault with oneself or one's action
complicity guilt as a confederate in a crime or offense
conciliatorymaking or willing to make concessions
tautological characterized by unnecessary repetition
temerityfearless daring
temperate not extreme
tenable based on sound reasoning or evidence
tenacious stubbornly unyielding
tenet a religious doctrine proclaimed as true without proof
tentative hesitant or lacking confidence; unsettled in mind or opinion
tenuous very thin in gauge or diameter
tersebrief and to the point
theology the rational and systematic study of religion
tirade a speech of violent denunciation
torpor a state of motor and mental inactivity
touchstone a basis for comparison
tout advertise in strongly positive terms (to publicly brag)
transcend go beyond the scope or limits of

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