Voc 15.3

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Hardy-Weinberg Principle allele frequencies remain the same unless acted upon by a factor
Founder Effect random evolution that occurs in a small, separate subpopulation
Bottleneck process of a large population declining in number then rebounding to a large number again
Prezygotic Isolating Mechanism mechanism that operates before fertilization occurs (geographic isolation)
Genetic Drift change in the allele frequencies in a population by chance
Stabilizing Selection selection which removes organisms with extreme expressions of a trait
Postzygotic Isolating Mechanism mechanism that operates after fertilization occurs to ensure that resulting hybrid remains infertile (reproductive isolation)
directional Selection selection which shifts a population toward an extreme trait
Disruptive Selection selection which removes individuals with average traits
Sexual Selection change in a trait based on competition for mates
Allopatric Speciation speciation in the presense of a barrier
Sympatric Speciation speciation without any barriers