Vits, mins and parasites

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Vit A functionVision, immunity, resp health & skeletal development and maintenance
Vit A sourceForage & cereals
Vit A encourages Secretion of the growth hormone
Vit A damageOxidation
Vit D sourceIn the skin - stimulated by sun/UV
Vit D function & mineralsIncrease absorption in gut (Ca:P), remodelling & bone density
Vit D relationship with fatFat contains this
Vit E typesAlpha-tocopheral & alpha-tocopheral acitate
Vit E functionAntioxidant
Vit A made fromBeta-carotone + pro-vita
Vit A deficiency DOD & bone fragility
Vit D deficiencyBone demineralisation
Vit E deficiencyWhite muscle disease
Vit K types K1 & K2
Vit K source (both types)forage & microflora (synthesized)
Vit K absorption siteSmall intestine
Vit K functionBlood coagulation & bone metabolism
Vit K deficiency is secondary tomalnutrition/ABx therapy
Inhibitor of Vit K absorptionMould
Vit B synthesizeMicroflora
Vit B - processing DNA and promoting Ca useniacin
Vit B - promote healthy hooves, skin & metabolismBiotin
Vit B - break down food for energyB1 & pantothelic acid
Vit B - AA synthesize & cell growth (pregnancy)Folic acid
Vit B - Metabolism & DNA productionB6 & B12
Vit B - synthesizes EFA'sB2 (riboflaxin)
Vit C functionskeletal tissue & lung function
Vit C heatedDestroyed
Vit C excessExcreted (urinary)
Vit C sourcefood

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Micro amountsneeded in small amounts
macro amountsneeded in large amounta
micro example CSMIZ
micro functionsenzymes
macro functionsstructure, pH, nerve conduction and muscle
Iron is found where (in body)blood (haemoglobin)
Iron sourceeveryday diet
selenium functionantioxidant
selenium sourceforage
selenium supplementationfatal if on own
manganese functionactivating carb enzymes & lipid metabolism
manganese sourceforage
copper needed for deficiencies
what micro mineral is chelatedcopper
copper oversupplementationcan cause liver damaged
zinc sourcecereal
zinc deficiencyreduces enzyme activity
competitive interactions (two minerals)copper and zinc
electrolytes are made fromCCSMP
role of electrolytesMaintaining fluid balance, osmotic pressure & muscle/nerve function
loss of electrolytes is identified how?difference in BW (before and after)
measuring amounts of vit/min levels in bloodblood work & biochem markers
what mineral is also known as 'herbage ....'copper
zinc functionimmunity

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treats adult/larvae of strongylus vulgaris, adult cyathostomes, parascaris equorem, gastrocephilius spp and dictyocaluas arnfieldiivermectin
treats adult/larvae of strongylus vulgaris, adult/larvae cyathostomes, parascaris equorem, gastrocephilius spp and dictyocaluas arnfieldimoxiectin
treats adult strongylus vulgaris, adult cyathostomes and parascaris equorumpyrantal
double dose of pyrantal targets what?anoplocchephala magna and perfoliata magna
treats anoplocchephala magna and perfoliata magnapraziquental
treats strongylus vulgaris, cyathostomes, parascaris equorum and oxyuris equibenzimidazoles
BZD dosesone day or five day
MOA: bind to nemotode tubilin & inhibits formation of microtubules, cell division, glucose uptake. Cuasing glycogen depletion and thus starvationbenzimidazoles
MOA: enters cuticle of nematode by diffusion and causes paralysispyrantal
MOA: paralysis of musculature in nematodes and ectoparasitesivermectin & moxidectin
MOA: paralysis & starvationpraziquantal
resistance to BZD's, pyrantal and (some) moxidectioncyathostomes
resistance to ivermectin and moxidectinparascaris equorem
DLPparascaris equorem
Duration of persistance (in fat cells)Moxidectin
FECRTfeacal egg count reduction tests
FECRT methodmeasure using Mcmaster method, give anthelmintic, wait 10-14 days and re-anaylse dung
FECRT equation(FECpre-FECpost) DIVIDED BY FECpre. x100 = %FECR
dosing stergiesinterval, strategic & targeted strategic.
Interval dosingworming at pecific intervals during the year (decreases in winter)
strategic dosinggiving broad spectrum wormers
targeted strategic dosingtaking an egg count and worming what is needed
abnormaal warm conditions affect what worming stratergy?strategic
targeted strategic dosing does not account for?larval parasites
treatment of larval paraasites with targeted strategic dosing for youngneed t be given larvicidative dose (twice usual dose for 5 days e.g. fenbendazole)

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strongylus vulgarislarge redworm
strongylus vulgaris life cycle6-11 months
strongylus vulgaris migration pathcraniel mesenteric artery - caues thickening and thrombrosis
strongylus vulgaris where are adults foundcolon/ceacum
cyathostomessmall redworms
90% of the burdencyathostomes
cyathostomes life cycle4 months
cyathostome what they do in gutencyst - arrested larval development
cyathostomes protectionin gut wall
cyathostome fatal diseaselarval syathostomes - too many g through the gut wall at one time
cyathostome fatal disease affects what age most?youngstock
parascaris equorumascarids
parascaris equorum life cycles 10-12 wekks
parascaris equorum infective stagesecond
parascaris equorum what can they cause rupturing of the SI
oxyuris equipinworm
oxyuris equi life cycle4-5 months
oxyuris equi worm count presencenot present but if seen will indicate a largr burden of other parasites
Dictyocaulus arnfieldilungworm
Dictyocaulus arnfieldi transitted fromdonkeys
Dictyocaulus arnfieldi migration paththrough the lungs
Dictyocaulus arnfieldi life cycle2-4 months
Anoplocchephala magna & perfoliate magna tape worm
Anoplocchephala magna & perfoliate magna life cyclelong
Anoplocchephala magna & perfoliate magna gather whereileoceacal junction
Anoplocchephala magna & perfoliate magna direct/indirectindirect - uses the foraage mite
Gastrophilus spp. bot fly
Gastrophilus spp. do what to the outside of the hourselays eggs on legs
Gastrophilus spp. ingestion of eggslicked off and eggs burrow into the tongue
Gastrophilus spp. cause what to happen in the gutirritation of the gut aand colic
Gastrophilus spp. life cycle11 months
Gastrophilus spp. preventioonstop the fly landing (oil, spray, rugs etc.)

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choiroptes equifeather mites
stomoxys calcitransstable fly
stomoxys calcitrans transmit what?dermatophilus & ringworm
stomoxys calcitrans type of flybiting
musca domestiahouse fly
musca autumnaliscluster fly
musca autumnalis & musca domestia type of flynuisance
cullicoidees midgebiting midge
cullicoidees midge causes whatsweetitch - hypersensitivity to saliva
arachnidstick - castor bean tick
castor bean tick carries lyme disease
lyme disease causesweight loss, arthrities, paralysis & nerve system disorders