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Vit. ARetinoids, Provitamin A- Carotenoid. Liver, Carrots. Eye Sight. Keratomalcia- celles can't differentiate
Vit. DSunshine, Breakfast Foods. Calcium- bone health. Rickets & osteomalacia
Vit. EVeggies. RBC's. Anemia
Vit KVeggies. Blood Pro's. Hemmorage

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B1Thiamine. Pork, whole & enrciched grains. Glu & energy metab. acetylCoA. Beriberi
B2Riboflavin. Milk, whole & enriched grains. energy & lipid metab. Inflammation of mouth, cracks at corners
B3Niacin. Meat, whole & enriched grains, trypyophan. Energy and lipid metab. Pellagra
B4Biotin. Liver, cooked eggs, lg. intestine. glucose & energy metab. Dermatitis
B5Pantpthenic Acid. everywhere. energy & lipid metab. Fatigue
B6Meat, whole grains, seeds. Pro & AA metab, neurotransmitter & hemoglobin synthesis.

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FolateVeggies, enriched grains, seeds. DNA synthesis, AA metab. Anemia, poor growth
B12Animal products. folate & homocysteine metab, myelin. Anemia, nerve damage.
Vit. CCitrus fruit, veggies. Collagen & neurotransmitter synthesis, antioxidant. Scurvy
CholineCooked egg yolks. synthesis of cell mb & neurotransmitters. Fetus- brain development, Adult-fatty liver & muscle damage

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