Vitamins and minerals

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Function of Vit.B1Releases energy from carbs, body growth and helps nervous system
Sources of Vit.B1Meat, eggs, yeast, cereals
Deficiency of Vit.B1Wet or dry beri beri and muscle wastage
Function of Vit.B2 Realeases energy from carbs, fats and protein and helps body growth
Sources of Vit.B2Meat, eggs, yeast, cereal
Deficiency of Vit.B2 Dry skin around mouth and nose and swollen tongue
Function of Vit.B3 Releases energy from carbs and lowers blood fat levels
Deficiency of Vit.B3 Pellagra
Function of Vit.B5 Realeases energy from food
Function of Vit.B6 Helps body uses protein, fat and carbs
Deficiency of Vit.B6Headaches, aching, weakness, skin problems
Function of Vit.B9 Helps body use protein, helps make DNA cells, helps prevent defects in babies spinal chords
Sources of Vit.B9Green leafy veg, asparagus, wholegrain, beans, nuts
Function of Vit.B12Makes protective coating around nerve cells, important for production of new cells
Sources of Vit.B12Dairy, meat, fish, poultry
Deficiency of Vit.B12Nerves don't work properly= memory loss, confusion and paralysis
Deficiency of Vit.B9Nutrients aren't absorbed properly, megoloblastic anaemia

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Function of Vit.C Helps absorb iron from food, needed for production of collagen, antioxidants, keeps skin and digestion healthy
Sources of Vit.C Blackcurrents, Citrus fruits and peppers
Deficiency of Vit.C Anaemia and scurvy

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Function of Vit.ABody growth, healthy skin, makes visual purple and has antioxidants
Sources of Vit.A Dairy foods, carrots, spinach, tomatoes
Deficiency of Vit.A Poor growth, infections, night blindness

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Function of Vit.D Helps body absorb calcium and help bones reach peak bone mass
Sources of Vit.DSun, oily fish, milk and butter
Deficiency of Vit.D Rickets and poor growth
Function of Vit.E Antioxidant, keeps cell membrane healthy, protects aginest heart disease and cancer
Sources of Vit.E Veg oils, lettuce, peanuts and seeds
Function of Vit.K Helps blood clot
Source of Vit.K Leafy veg, asparagus, cheese and bacon