Visitors in Station 105.07.1

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Question Answer
Visiting hours will be terminated at what time 2100 hours
Visitors shall not be allowed in what areasliving areas, except for a quick tour
What needs to be added to the log book when regarding visitors in station?Fire service from another agency that has been invited to have coffee or meal in the kitchen/dayroom, Maintenance personnel not in the employ of the division
Name the chain of command for when a chief officer or county official shows up?All personal shall stand officer will introduce and may dismiss. Afterwards official visitor logged in station log and the shift commander notified then the BC or shift commander will report any questions/answers give to the deputy chief then deputy chief will tell the fire chief then will tell the county manager
Run reports and such confidential papershidden and secured from visitors and any questions be referred to public safety office
No solicitation is allowed in the stations without approval of the fire chief or director
Family members after 2100must have a legitimate need or urgency and shall be logged in the station journal.
CO is responsible for safety and conduct of both employees and visitor and may electto be present during the visit and may require anyone to leave that does not have a legitimate purpose.
Automobiles after 2100no members shall be allowed in automobiles other than immediate family and that shall cease after 2100