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Question Answer
DNA virusesHHAPPy -- Herpesvirus, Hepadnavirus, Parvovirus, Papovavirus, Pox virus
Only single stranded DNA virusParvovirus
All DNA viruses are linear exceptpapilloma, Polyoma, and Hepadna
only cytoplasmic replicator in DNA virusespoxvirus
Naked DNA virusesPAPP smears are done naked -- Papovavirus, Adenovirus, Parvovirus, Polyoma
Naked RNA virusesCPR - Calicivirus, picorna and reovirus
Enveloped DNA virusesHerpes, Hepadnavirus, Pox virus
Only DNA virus to replicated in the cytoplasmPox virus
only double stranded RNA virusReovirus
nonenveloped RNA virusesReovirus, picorna, and Calicivirus
Icosahedral RNA virusesReo, TOga, Picorna, Flavi, and Calici
Bullet shaped helical RNA virusRHabdovirus
+ sense RNA virusCall henry, pico, and FLo to come right away (calici, Hepe, Picor, Flavi, Toga, Corono, and Retro)
RNA viral Replication in the nucleusOrthomoxy (influenza) and Retro
these are infectious virusespurified nucleic acids of most dsDNA (except pox and HBV) and +sense RNA
Note naked nucleic acids of - sense ssRNA and dsDNA are not infection -- they need the whole virioin with their enzymes
Question Answer
Hepatitis BHepaDNAvirus
Hep ApicoRNAvirus
Hep CFlavavirus
Hep DDelta agent
Hep EHepEvirus
HBsAGacute or chronic disease
Anti-HBsAgimmunity to Hep B -- vaccine or via infection
IgM Anti-HBcAgacute infection
IgG Anti-HbcAgchronic infection
Positive during window periodAnti-HBcAg
Anti-HBeAglow transmissibility
HBeAghigh transmissibility
Common cause of the common coldCoronovirus, adenovirus, rhinovirus, influenza C, and coxackivirus
hepatic and encephalomyelitic disease associated with aspirin use in children with INfluenzaReye syndrome
Orhtomyxoviridaeinfluenzae A, B, and C
red ulcers with blue white clearing in mucosa of mouthKoplik spots
pt presents with maculopapular rash from head to toe, notes conjunctivitis, a head cold (Coryza) and a cough two weeks priorMeasles (Rubeola)
Parotitis, Orchitis, and aseptic Meningitis causative organismMumps
Paramyxoviridae virusesParainfuenza (Croup), RSV, Measles (Rubeola), Mumps
Pleomorphic- sense linear nonsegment RNA virusparamyxoviridae
Pleomorphic- sense linear segment RNA virusorthomyxoviridae
HAallows for viral entry into the cell by binding Sialic acid proteins on cells
NAcleaves HA-sialic acid bond in cell to promote viral release
Amantadine and RimantidineM2 ion channel inhibitors
Oseltamivir and ZanamivirNA inhibitors
Bronchiolitis and pneumonia in childrenRSV
Therapy for RSVpalivuzinab
Mechanism Of action of palivuzinabmonoclonal antibody against RSV
causative organism in croupparainfluenza
proteins encoded by gagp24 and p17
proteins encoded by polProtease, integrase, and reverse transcriptase
proteins encoded by envgp120, gp41
HIV binds this on Thelper cellsCXCR4 and CD4
HIV binds this on macrophagesCCR5 and CD4
AIDS defining illnessesToxo, Cryptococcus meningitis, PCP, candidiasis thrush, kaposi's sarcoma, TB, Mycobacterium avium intracellulare, dissiminated HSV, CMV, histo, oral hairy leukoplakia (EBV), NHL (EBV), Isospora belli
Diagnosis of HIVElisa followed by another elisa and then a western
More likely to get below 400 CD4 countoral thrush, tinea pedis, reactivation shingles, reactivation TB, other bacterial infections
More likely to get below 200 CD4 countReactivation HSV, crytosporidiosis, Isopora, disseminated coccidiomycosis, PCP
More likely to get below 100 CD4 countCandidial esophagitis, toxo, histo
More likely to get below 50 CD4 countCMV retinitis and esophagitis, disseminated MAC, cryptococcal meningoencephalitis
Neoplasm assoc with aidsHHV-8 Kaposi's sarcoma, NHL, HPV cervical carcinoma, primary CNS lymphoma
Icosahedral SS + sense RNA virus with reverse transcriptasesRetroviruses
Retroviruses areHIV and HTLV
HTLV associated with this illnessT cell leukemia
Negative sense RNA virusesAlways Bring Polymerase Or Fail Replication (Arenavirus, Bunyavirus, paramyxovirus, Orthomyxovirdae, Filovirus, Rhabdovirus)
PicornavirusesPoliovirus, Echovirus, Rhinovirus, Coxackievirus, HAV (PERCH)
flavavirus transmitted by Aedes mosquitoYellow fever virus
Rashes that are on the palms and solesCoxackie, Ricketsia Ricketssi, and syphillis
Most common cause of aseptic meningitiscoxackie, Mumps, echovirus
Pt ate at an oyster dinner wiht a group of people and subsequently had abdominal pains and nausea two days later. Followed soon by vomiting and some diarrheaNorwalk Virus
Pt presents with a runny rose that she gets the same time every year and several people in her family have itRhinovirus (a Picornavirus)
Calciviridae virusNorwalk virus
Hepeviridae virusHEV
Reovridae virusRotavirus
Pt presents with bouts of Diarrhea and vomiting. He is 3 yrs oldrotavirus
most common cause of infectious diarrhea in children and infantsRotavirus
Pt presents wiht fever, myalgias, ocular pain, and headache after a couple days hiking in the Rocky mountains. The causative organism isColorodo tick virus -- Reoviradae coltivirus
ArbovirusesTogaviruses, Bunyaviruses, Flavivirdae
Pt presents with a red rash on her face that spreads to her arms, she notes that she had a fever just before the rash began, there is posterior auricular and occipital lymphadenopathy, she is foreignrubella (german measles)
TogavirusesRubela, Eastern and western equine encephalitis
A Congenital Rubella sundromePDA, pulmonary artery stenosis, cataracts, chorioretinitis, mental retardation, microencephaly, and deafness
Most common causes of pediatric rashRubella, Roseola, Erythema infectiosum (parvovirus B19 virus), Measles and Rubella
OrthomyxoviridaeInfluenza virus A, B, C
Antigenic driftRandom mutations in a viral genome leads to epidemics
Antigenic shiftRandom reassortment of DNA (human flu with swine flue) leads to pandemics
Progression of disease in rabiesfever, malaise to agitatoin, photophobia, and hydrophobia to parlysis,coma and then death
MOst common cause of rash in kidsMeasles (Rubeola), Rubella (Postauric tenderness) (German measles), strep pyogenes scarlet fever, Roseola, Parvovirus B19 erythema infectiosum -- slapped cheeks
Most common cause of pneumonia in 4-18RSV, Mycoplasma , Chlamydia, S. pneumoniae
Most common cause of pneumonia in neonateE. coli, and GBS
Most common cause of pneumonia in adults 18-40S. pneumoniae, chlamydia, Mycoplasma pneumoniae
Most common cause of pneumonia in adults 40-65S. pneumomiae, virus, aneorobes, mycoplasma, H. influenza type b
Most common cause of pneumonia in adults greater than 65s. Pneumoniae, H. flu, anaerobes, gram negative rods,
FlavivirusHep G, Yellow Fever, dengue Fever, west nile, st. Louis Enceplaitis, Japanese encephalitis
Bunya virusLACV, Rift Valley Fever, Hanta virus
ArenavirusLCMV, Lasssa Fever
FiloviridaeMarbug, Ebola
Pox virusMolluscum contagiousum, vaccinia, animalpox, small pox
Guarenieri inclusion bodiespox cytoplasmic bodies
Polyoma virusBK (bad kidney), JC (brain in HIV)
SynctiaHSV, paroxyvirus