Virtue Ethics

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Define the golden meanThe golden mean is the mid way between the vice of excess and the vice of deficiency.
What is Aristotle's view of Reason? Reason is the distinguishing mark of humanity, reason leads us to happiness.
Who was the first exponent of virtue ethics? Aristotle
Define Incontinent people Face no moral dilemmas but usually choose a vice.
Name the four Cardinal virtuesTemperance, Prudence, Courage, Justice
What is the rational soul capable of? Reproduction, Growth, Movement, Perception and reason.
Define Virtuous peopleEnjoy doing good so face no moral dilemma
Define Vicious people Do not attempt to be virtuous
What is a vice? An undesirable quality of character
What is a virtue? A desirable quality of character
What is human flourishing?When qualities develop over time.
Define Continent PeopleDo the virtuous thing most of the time but have to overcome moral dilemmas.
Describe Aretaic EthicsEmphasizes the role of a persons character.
What is Eudaimonia Happiness- fulfilling your potential.
What are moral virtues? Qualities of character which are connected to the irrational part of the soul.
Define Intellectual virtues Qualities of the mind. They are connected to the rational part of the soul.

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