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Vietnam Dates

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1949Fall of China
1954Total 3 billion dollars invested.
1954French defeat at Dien Bien Phu and withdrawal from Vietnam
1954Geneva Conference
1953Korean War Ends
1954SEATO created
1954First pledge to provide military support, training and equipment.
1954Diem appointed prime minister.
1955Sects crisis.
1960National Liberation Front (VC) formed
1953Truman leaves office.
1953Eisenhower becomes President.
1961Eisenhower leaves office.
1961Kennedy becomes president.
1964VC Control 35% of S Vietnam.
1961Kennedy sends in Green Berets - first non-advisory role.
1963Kennedy assassinated.
1963Johnson becomes president.
1969Johnson leaves office.
1969Nixon becomes president.
1960By this time, Eisenhower has spent 1 billion on aid and sent 1500 advisors.
1961-63Kennedy's sends 16000 advisors.
1962-64VC support rises 300%.
1965First ever combat troops (3500.)
1966Number of troops in vietnam reaches 400,000.
1967VC numbers up to 90,000.
500000Number of troops Johnson leaves behind for Nixon.
1972150,000 Tons of TNT dropped by Operation Linebacker I
19615000 treatments for combat wounds, 20,000 for drug abuse.
1962Independent Laos created.
1962Military Assistance Command Vietnam (MACV) created.
1962Strategic hamlet program launched.
1963Battle of Ap Pac. South Vietnam useless and refuse to fight.
1963Buddhist Crisis
1963Diem overthrown
1964Gulf of Tonkin incident + resolution
1965-67Operation Rolling Thunder.
1964Johnson's approval rating rose from 42 to 72% overnight.
1968Tet offensive
1968My Lai Massacre
1971Nixon's advisor Kissinger begins secret diplomatic negotiations with Soviet Union, China and North Vietnamese.
1969Bombing of Cambodia begins.
1970Gulf of tonkin REPEALED.
19704 students shot dead at Kent State university.
1971South operation into Laos.
1972Easter Offensive
1972Linebacker 1
1972Christmas bombings to encourage peace.
1973Parias Peace Agreement signed. End of war.