Vietnam China Timeline

Updated 2007-04-29 22:30


1945Following the surrender of Japan to Allied forces, Ho Chi Minh creates provisional government and declares Vietnam independent
1946-1954The Second Indochina War causes Vietnam to be separated into North and South
1954 Eisenhower cites “Domino Theory” regarding SE Asia
1954Geneva Convention
1955Diem becomes president of Republic of Vietnam
1956French leave Vietnam
1956US start training South Vietnamese
1960Kennedy elected president
1963Kennedy assassinated…his VP, Johnson, becomes president
1963Diem overthrown and murdered
1964Gulf of Tonkin Incident and Resolution
1964LBJ wins election over Goldwater
1965Operation “Rolling Thunder” Deployed
1965President Johnson increases US ground forces in Vietnam
1966Johnson resumes bombing in North Vietnam
1966Buddhist monks pretest against South Vietnamese government
1967Johnson meets Soviet Premier Kosygin
1967General Thieu elected president of South Vietnam
1968North Vietnamese launch Tet Offensive
1968North Korea seizes US warship
1968LBJ quits reelection campaign; halts bombing of North Vietnam
1968Robert Kennedy Assassinated
1968Richard Nixon wins presidency with pledge to end war
1969Nixon begins withdrawing troops; turn war effort over to South Vietnam
1969“Nixon Doctrine” defines limits of US role in Asia
1969Nixon begins secret bombing of Cambodia
1969US forces implicated in My Lai massacre
1969Policy of “Vietnamization” announced
1969Ho Chi Minh dies
1970US troops enter Cambodia to destroy communist bases
1970Anti-war protesters killed at Kent State University
1971“Pentagon Papers” published
1972Nixon visits China
1972US mines North Vietnamese harbors
1972Nixon re-elected in landslide
1972Nixon escalates bombing of North Vietnam
1973Peace agreement signed
1973North Vietnam releases last American POW’s
1973Nixon ends bombing in Cambodia
1973Congress limits presidential war powers
1973Last US troops leave Vietnam
1974Watergate scandal forces Nixon to resign
1975North Vietnam launches huge offensive against South Vietnam
1975Communists capture Saigon; US takes out last personnel


1900Boxer Rebellion
1911Xinhai Revolution
1911Overthrow of the Qing Dynasty
1916-1927Warlord Era
1913Yuan Shikai dies and this sends Northern China into civil war
1916Sun Yatsen takes control of the KMT in South China
1919May Fourth Movement
1921Foundation of the Communist Party of China
1925Sun Yatsen dies. Chiang Kai-Shek is now in control of KMT
1927-1950Chinese Civil War
1928Manchurian Assassinations
1931-1932Invasion of Manchuria (Manchurian Incident)
1934-1935Long March (Chinese Communists)
1936Xian Incident
1937140,000 Chinese killed in "Rape of Nanjing"
1937-1945Second Sino-Japanese War
1945Civil War begins, Nationalists vs. Communists
1947228 Incident (Massacre)
1949The Red Army overthrew Chinese dictator Chiang Kai-Shek and the People’s Republic of China founded
1949-1956 Known as the ‘good years’ of Chinese socialism
1956-1957Hundred Flowers Campaign
1958-1960Great Leap Forward
1962Sino-Indian War
1966Mao starts the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution
1972Nixon visits China
1976Mao Zedong dies
1978Deng Xiao-ping becomes Premier again