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Video Editing 2018

the18201's version from 2018-09-28 23:38

Section 1

Question Answer
Project Window Lower left corner, stores video clips
Source Upper left corner. Where I can see my clips and create IN and OUT points
TimelineLower right corner. Where I line up my video clips and audio and use transitions to create my video
ProgramUpper right corner. Where I see what's on the TIMELINE, my final product
PlayheadBlue vertical line that indicates the current position
ScrubDragging the playhead through a clip
Command Z Action that "un-does" the previous action or edit
IN point The start of a segment of a clip to be used on the TIMELINE
OUT point The end of a segment of a clip to be used in the TIMELINE
Zoom or Push Moving closer to a subject
Zoom out or Pull Moving away from the object

Section 2

Question Answer
Establishing Shot Video and sound that begin a project, or section of, that set the scene or mood.
Blade CutUsing the blade tool to cut or shorten a video/audio clip that is already on the TIMELINE
Straight cut Back to back video/audio clips without a special transition
TransitionAny of several special method between two clips
DissolveTransition where one clip fades into the other
WipeTransition where one clip changes to another with a hard border
Out of frame The main subject moves out of the view of the camera, or the camera moves off the subject
Static Shot A camera shot that is locked down and does not move
Jump Cut Bad straight cut edit where the two clips are too similar in framing and content
Cutaway A camera shot away from main subject, but related to the subject. A technique used to avoid jump cut edits.