Veterinary Med Terminology Skeletal and muscle

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A sheet of fibrous connective tissue that covers, supports, and separatesfascia
Lowers a body partdepressor
raises a body partelevator
continuous muscle spasms or twitchingtutetany
connective tissue that connects muscle to bonetendon
connective tissue that connects bone to boneligament
a joint that is immovablesynarthroses
a joint that is slightly movableamphiarthros
a joint that is freely movablediarthroses
these bones are 2 sheets of compact boneflat bones
the removal of the vertebral arch to relieve pressure from a ruptured IVDlaminectomy

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turning the palmar or plantar surface downward pronation
turning the palmar or plantar surface upwardsupination
a shallow cavity or depression in a bonefossa
a knuckle like projection at the distal end of some long bonescondyle
small bones that are embeded into tendonssesamoid
a hole that allows for the passage of nerves and vesselsforamen
part of the skeleton that includes the thorax, skull, back, and ribsaxial
part of the skeleton that includes the front an rear limbs, shoulders, and pelvisappendicular
first cervical vertebraeatlas
a joint is also called thisarticulation
a fibrous sheet that gives attachment to muscular fibersaponeurosis

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