Veterinary Anatomy Endocrine

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What is the master gland?The pituitary
The pituitary is attached to what?the hypothalamus
Hypothalamus hormones are also known asInhibiting and releasing factors
Which two systems help maintain homeostasis?Nervous and endocrine systems
What functions does the hypothalamus control?appetite, circadian rhthym, temp regulation
How does the negative feedback system work on hormones?produced until limit detected by glands
What purpose does the posterior pituitary serve?stores and releases hormones from hypothalamus
What does lutenizing hormone do?completes follicle development, develops corpus luteum
What does progesterone do?Maintain pregnancy
a deficiency of ADH causes what?diabetes insipidus
oxytocin targets what?uterus and mammaries
somatotropin is also known as what?growth hormone
ACTH is produced where?Hypothalamus
Produces 7 different hormonesAnterior pituitary

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discourages cells from using carbs for energygrowth hormone
small nodules near thyroidparathyroid
what does calcitonin do?decreases blood calcium levels; deposits calcium to bone
What do parathyroid glands do?Maintains bone homeostasis
What are the glucocorticoid hormones?cortisol, cortisone, corticosterone
What is gluconeogenesis?breakdown of products into glucose in the liver
What do mineralcorticoid hormones do?regulates levels of electrolytes
What does aldosterone do?regulates Na, K, H ions in the body; reabsorption in kidneys
glucocorticoids, mineralcorticoids, and sex hormones are produced where?Adrenal cortex
Where are the adrenal glands located?cranial ends of the kidneys
What does the adrenal medulla produce?epinephrine and norepinephrine
What does glucagon do?Increases blood glucose, stimulates liver to convert glycogen
Delta cells of the pancreasSomatostatin
Beta cells of the pancreasInsulin
Alpha cells of the pancreasglucagon
Which gland has exocrine and endocrine functions?pancreas

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What does melatonin do?affects moods and sleep cycles
Where is melatonin produced?pineal gland
What does cholecystokinin do?stimulates digestive enzyme release from pancreas
What does secretin do?stimulates pancreas to secrete sodium bicarb to neutralize acid
what does gastrin do?stimulates stomach activity, activated by food presence
erythropoiesis is stimulated by what?hypoxia
where is erythropoietin produced?kidneys
where is chorionic gonadotropin produced?in a portion of the placenta
gland that secretes without ductsendocrine
gland that secretes with ductsexocrine