Vet med terminology urinary system

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a non protein nitrogenous waste that results from protein breakdownurea
uses sound waves to break up large kidney stoneslithotripsy
electrolyte reabsorbed because of aldosteronesodium
pertaining to near the kidneyparanephric
known as scanty urineoliguria
proteolytic enzyme produced by the kidneyrenin
pyel/orenal pelvis
where filtration takes placeglomerulus
point at which the ureters enter the urinary bladdertrigone
abnormal softening of the kidneynephromalacia
indentation in the center of the kidneyhilus
when the animal strains to urinatestranguria
increase in volume of urinepolyuria
a tube that carries urine from the kidneys to the bladderureter
inflammation of the renal pelvispyelonephritis
purulent discharge in the urinepyuria

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elevation of blood urea nitrogenazotemia
protein made by the liver albumin
known as incontinanceenuria
hardening of the kidneynephroscleris
hormone produced by the adrenalsaldosterone
nitrogenous waste produced by muscle metabolismcreatinine
hormone that stimulates RBC productionerythropoietin
controls reabsorption of water by kidneysanti diuretic hormone
abnormal accumulation of fluid in the kidneyhydronephrosis
the by-product of fat being broken downketones
known as frequent urinationpollakiruria