Vet Anatomy Skeletal

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What is in bone matrix?collagen fibers, phosphate, and calcium carbonate
Bone cells that destroyosteoclasts
Bone cells that build; are fixedosteoblasts
What does collagen do for bone?strengthens it so it's less brittle
What is the nutrient foramen?large opening in shaft where vessels and lymph enter or exit
What are Volkmann's canals?tiny openings in periosteum where tiny vessels and lymph enter or exit
What are canaliculi?tiny communicating channels in between lacunae
What are lacunae?opening where osteo cell is housed
What does calcitonin do?deposits excess Ca into bone to prevent hypercalcemia
What does parathyroid hormone do?withdraws Ca from bone to prevent hypocalcemia
Where does calcitonin come from?thyroid gland
What is cancellous bone?type of bone that looks spongy; strong but light
What is compact bone?type of bone that's heavy, dense, made up of Haversian canals

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Where is the endosteum?lines the bone marrow cavity; contains osteoblasts
Where is the periosteum?covers the outer surface of bones with a fibrous tissue
What are condyles?large rounded articular surfaces
What are epicondyles?attachment site for ligaments and tendons; not part of articular surface
type of marrow that is mostly adipose and common in adultsyellow marrow
type of marrow that is hemopoietic; prominent in youngred marrow
What is the diaphysis? shaft of the bone
What is the epiphysis?ends of the bone
Where are the secondary growth centers?epiphysis
What is a fossa?depression on the surface of a bone
what is a foramen? a hole in bone for vessels to pass through
What are processes?lumps, bumps, projections on a bonee

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examples of flat bonesscapula, pelvic bones
examples of short bonescarpals and tarsals
examples of irregular bonesskull, patella, vertebrae
What do ligaments do?join bone to bone
what do tendons do?join muscle to bone
What is the only synovial joint in the skull?mandible
Where is the foramen magnum located?occipital bone
What are the bones of the ear?ossicles
bone that forms the ventral part of craniumsphenoid
form the the forehead regionfrontal bones
What is removed when cattle are dehorned?corneal process of the frontal bone
Where is the sphenoid bone?forms ventral portion of skull
Where is the ethmoid bone?lies rostral to sphenoid bone
where is the cribriform plate?part of the ethmoid bone, it attaches to the frontal bone
What does the cribriform plate do?separate the brain from the nasal cavity

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What are the most rostral bones?Incisive bones
What bone makes up the upper jaw?maxillary bone
What bone makes up the lower jaw?mandible bone
What bone forms the bridge of the nose?nasal bone
Where are the lacrimal bones?medial to the eye
area where olfactory nerves pass throughethmoid bone/cribriform plate
Which bones make up the widest part of the skull?zygomatic bones
Which bone forms the nasal septum?vomer bone
Where are the palatine bones?caudal portion of hard palate
Which bone supports the base of tongue and throat?hyoid bone
Which bones form lateral support of pharynx?pterygoid bones
How many cervical vertebrae do mammals have?7
lumbar vertebrae are found where?abdominal area
cervical vertebrae are found where? neck area
saccral vertebrae are found where?lower back area
thoracic vertebrae are found where?upper back area
coccygeal vertebrae are found where?tail area

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what is the landmark for thoracic procedures?costochondral junction
where is cosal cartilage found?at the ventral end of the rib
xiphoid process is found where?caudal end of the sternum
where is the manubrium?cranial end of the sternum
what is P1 on a horse?long pastern
What is P2 on a horse?short pastern
what is P3 on a horse?coffin bone
smallest of the pelvic bonespubic symphysis
What is the fetlock on a horse?the metacarpal-phalanges joint
what is the hock on a horse?tarsal bones ( ankle)
what is the navicular bone?distal sesamoid on the foot
what is the 3rd metacarpal on a horse?cannon bone
the calcaneal tuberosity makes up the point of what bone?the hock
most cranial portion of the pelvisIlium
most caudal portion of the pelvisischium
what is the bone in the heart of cattle and sheep that supports heart valves?os cordis
bone found in the nose of swine; strengthens snoutos rostri
How are digits numbered?medial to lateral
what is the fabellae2 sesamoid bones caudal to femur
Main weight bearing bone of the lower limb?tibia
what bones form the stifle?femur and tibia
what is the weight bearing bone of the antebrachium?radius
which bone houses the pituitary?sphenoid bone
Which portion of a rib is bone?dorsal
which bone forms the brachium?humerus
olecranon process forms what?elbow
splint bones are made up of what?metacarpals 2 & 4