Vet Anatomy and Phys. Sensory

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Aqueous compartment of the eye is located where?In front of the lens
The most common cause of glaucomainsufficient drainage
where is the vitreous compartment of the eye?behind the lens and ciliary body
What does the ciliary body do?muscles that adjust the lens for near/far
3 major layers of the eyefibrous, vascular, nervous
What does the cornea do?gives shape
Where are the photo-receptors in the eye?On the retina
What do the rods take in?Light
What do the cones take in?color
Blind spot of the eyeoptic disc
What does the optic chiasm do?helps make one image; crosses and combines nerve fibers
Where is the nictitating membrane located? medially between the eyelid and eyeball
What does the conjunctiva do?lines the eye
palpebral conjunctivalines the eyelid

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What are otoliths?tiny crystals
What are crista?cone shaped area of supporting cells and modified dendrites
What is the macula?patch of sensory epithelium in both utricle and saccule
What are hair cells?receptor cells of hearing with modified dendrites
What is the organ of Corti?receptor organ of hearing
Which bones house most of the inner and middle ear?temporal bones
What does the eustachian tube do?equalizes air pressure between middle ear and the outside
What are the ossicles?small bones that connect the eardrum to cochlea
What do the ossicles do?decrease amplitude of sound waves and increase their force
Anvil is known as...incus
Stapes is known as....stirrup
hammer is known as...malleus
What are the oval and round windows?Membrane covered openings at end of tube and base of cochlea
What does the vestibule do?responsible for position of head
What are the saccule and utricle?saclike spaces continuous with cochlear duct

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What is proprioception?body position and movement
What are visceral body sensations?interior body sensations such as hunger and thirst
Another name for pain receptorsnociceptors
Where does modulation occur?spinal cord
What is transduction?conversion of a painful stimulus into a nerve impulse
Also known as a sense of tastegustatory
a gelatinous structurecupula
Middle layer of the eyeuvea
pigmented muscular diaphragm iris
controls amount of light coming into eyeiris
ring shaped structure immediately behind the irisciliary body
where the visual image is formed in the eyethe retina
small openings that drain tears away from the surface of the eyeslacrimal puncta
from which tears flownasolacrimal ducts

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