Vertebral levels

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vertebral levels

Mnemonic-ALL BIFURCATIONS (bi-4-cation) are at level of 4
Vertebral levelsevents
C3body of hyoid and its greater cornua
C3-c4 junctionupper border of thyroid cartilage & bifurcation of common carotid artery
C4-c5 junctionthyroid cartilage
C6cricoids cartilage ;trachea begins ; oesophagus begins; pharynx and larynx ends
C7thoracic duct reaches its greatest height ; isthumus of thyroid gland
T1sternoclavicular joint ;highest point of apex of lung
T2sternal notch ; jugular notch
T4sterna angle of Louis ; junction of superior and inferior mediastinum ,ascending aorta ends;arch of aorta begins and ends ,bifurcation of trachea
T8IVC Hiatus (with right phrenic nerve)
T9xiphisternal joint
T10oesophageal hiatus (with both vagi )
T12aortic hiatus ,thoracic duct through diaphragm
Azygous vein through diaphragm
Question Answer
L1end of spinal cord in adults ,transpyloric plane,pylorus of stomach ,superior mesenteric artery origin,hilum of kidneys(renal artery –left is above and right is below);celiac artery originates just above and renal arteries originate just below this line
L2thoracic duct begins; azygous and hemiazygous vein begins
L3umbilicus , end of spinal cord in newborns ,inferior mesenteric artery
L4iliac crest ,aorta bifurcates into common iliac arteries ,inferior vena cava formed from common iliac veins
S1sacral promontory
S2posterior superior iliac spine , end of dural sac (dura,arachnoid,subarachnoid space,CSF), Middle of sacroiliac joint
S3posterior inferior iliac spine , end of sigmoid colon , rectum begins (important landmark in surgery of recto sigmoid carcinoma

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