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Question Answer
restituterrender; surender, give back, reproduce, repay, recover
transbordertransfer, trans-ship
vérifierverify, check, check out, see, ensure, test, monitor
rétropedalerback pedal
trimerslave, slave away, toil
léguerleave, pass on, inherit
trahirsell out, turn against, double-cross, deceive
rebasculerswitch back
taper surbang on, pound on, slap on
déculotterremove pants
ressouderbring together, reunite
se parertake precautions
raccorderconnect, couple, interconnect, link, attach
se tisserweave together
entérinerrubber stamp, endorse, confirm
flasherflash, use radar gun
se désengorgerbecome less congested
fuserspurt out, gush, come from all sides
se faire volerget robbeed
fientermake droppings(shit)
filtrerfilter, sift, sift through, screen, permiate, percolate
s'incrustercrash, be imbedded, butt in
relancerrevive, relaunch, restart, reboot, resume, boost, reinivorate
recommencerstart over, resume, do it again, start again, begin again
obérercompromise, burden with debt
brouderblur, jam, cloud, muddy
peindrepaint, color, decorate, portray
dérogerderogate from, waive, override, deviate from, break
réinvestirreinvest, put back, recycle
s'attelerundertake, tackle