Verbs v15

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Ru- Verbs

Question Answer
To memorize おぼえる (ru)
To turn on つける (ru)
To show 見せる (ru)
To be able to できる (ru)
To collect, gatherあつめる (ru)
To attend (class etc.)(じゅぎょうに)でる (ru)
To throw away, discardすてる
To stop (something), park (a car)(。を)とめる
To look upしらべる
To meet an arriving personむかえる
To give (something to someone)あげる
To go out, to appear出る
To put in, into入れる(いれる)
To get off(~を)おりる

U-Verbs 01

Question Answer
To meet会う
To helpてつだう
To say言う
To smokeすう
To useつかう
To singうたう
To stand upたつ
To waitまつ
To takeとる
To do one's best, work hardがんばる
To get on, board, rideのる
To sitすわる
To enter入る
To rest, be absent休む
To playあそぶ

U-Verbs 02

Question Answer
To dieしぬ
To write, drawかく
To swimおよぐ
To hurryいそぐ
To turn off, eraseけす
To borrowかりる
To open (something)ありる
To close (something)しめる
To teach, tellおしえる
To forgetわすれる
To talkはなす
To wear (top-part)きる
To wear (bottom-part)はく
To wear (glasses)かける
To wear (hat)かぶる

U-Verbs 03

Question Answer
To play guitarギターをひく
To become famousゆうめいになる
To runはしる
To play stringed instrumentsひく
To blow, play wind instrumentsふく
To lend, rentかす
To fly, jump, hopとぶ
To sendおくる
To understandわかる
To do, performやる
To make作る
To hand in, submit出す
To applyもうしこむ

U-Verbs 04

Question Answer
To cut (class), to skip (school)サボル
To loseなくす
To drop (something), let (s.) fall, loseおとす
To payはらう
To take something awayもって行く
To take someone somewhereつれて行く
To get angryおこる
To laugh, smileわらう
To cry, sobなく
To celebrate(。を)いわう
To receive, take, acceptもらう
To stay at (e.g. hotel)とまる
To sing (bird)/bark, purr, make sound (animal)なく
To take (time/money)かかる

U-Verbs 05

Question Answer
To see off見おくる
To stop (moving)とまる
To get (something from somebody)もらう
To spend (a period of time)すごす
To catch a coldかぜをひく
To take out, hand in (something)(を)出す
To climb(Place に)のぼる
To keep as a pet, to raise (animal)かう

Irr- Verbs 01

Question Answer
To drive(・を)うんてんする
To do laundryせんたくする
To cleanそうじする
To cookりょうりする
To perform, play (music, instrument)えんそうする
To be irritatedいらいらする
To wander aroundぶらぶらする
To stare (at...)(・を)じろじろ見る
To be in a daze, doing nothingぼうっとする
To idle one's time away, just lie aroundごろごろする

Irr-Verbs 02

Question Answer
To be disappointedがっかるする
To hesitateえんりょする
To bring somethingもってくる
To bring someoneつれてくる
To worry about, mind気にする
To be anxious aboutしんぱいする
To be nervousきんちょうする
To practiceれんしゅうする  

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