Verbs of becoming

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Section 1

Question Answer
hacersevoluntary/deliberate changes-religion, profession, political conversion-i.e. changes that require commitment/effort
ponersechanges of mood, physical condition and appearance->short-lived-voluntary/involuntary
volversechanges of belief/commitment of living subject->more permanent than ponerse
quedarsebecome something less, indicates loss or disdvantage
convertirse enprecedes noun NOT adjectives-change due to external circumstances
llegar a ser/pasar a serindicate result of a slow/difficult process-result of an effort

Section 2

Question Answer
ponerse a +infinitiveto begin to +inf.
aburrirse (de)to get bored
alegrarse (de)to cheer up/to be happy about something
asustarse (de)to get frightened
cansarse (de)to get tired
deprimirseto get depressed
divertirseto be amused
endurecerseto grow hard/to harden
enfadarse (Lat Am. enojarse)to get angry
enredarseto get entangled
extra├▒arse (de)to be puzzled at
fastidiarseto get annoyed
indignarseto get indignant
irritarse (por)to get irritated
marearseto feel sick
molestarse (por)to be bothered
vaciarseto become empty