Verbs inflection

antonis's version from 2016-11-23 18:35


Question Answer
ᾰ̓κούωI hear, I'd hear
ᾰ̓κούειςThou hearest
ᾰ̓κούειHe hears
ᾰ̓κούετον! You both hear, they both hear, You both, hear!
ᾰ̓κούομενWe hear
ᾰ̓κούετε! You hear, You hear!
ᾰ̓κούουσῐ(ν)They hear
ᾰ̓κούῃςThou'd hear
ᾰ̓κούῃHe'd hear
ᾰ̓κούητονYou'd both hear, they'd both hear
ᾰ̓κούωμενWe'd hear
ᾰ̓κούητεYou'd hear
ᾰ̓κούωσῐ(ν)They'd hear
ᾰ̓κούοιμῐMay I hear
ᾰ̓κούοιςMay thou hear
ᾰ̓κούοιMay he hear
ᾰ̓κούοιτονMay you both hear
ᾰ̓κούοιμενMay we hear
ᾰ̓κούοιτεMay you hear
ᾰ̓κούοιενMay they hear
ᾰ̓́κουεThou, hear
ᾰ̓κουέτωLet he hear
ᾰ̓κουόντωνLet they hear
ᾰ̓κούεινTo hear
ᾰ̓κούομαιI am heard
ᾰ̓κούῃ/ᾰ̓κούειThou art heard
ᾰ̓κούεταιHe is heard
ᾰ̓κούεσθονYou both are heard, they both are heard, you both, be heard
ᾰ̓κουόμεθᾰWe are heard
ᾰ̓κούεσθεYou are heard, you, be heard
ᾰ̓κούονταιThey are heard
ᾰ̓κούωμαιThey'd be heard
ᾰ̓κούῃThou'd be heard
ᾰ̓κούηταιHe'd be heard
ᾰ̓κούησθονYou both would be heard, they both would be heard
ᾰ̓κουώμεθᾰWe'd be heard
ᾰ̓κούησθεYou'd be heard
ᾰ̓κούωνταιThe'd be heard
ᾰ̓κουοίμηνMay I be heard
ᾰ̓κούοιοMay thou be heard
ᾰ̓κούοιτοMay he be heard
ᾰ̓κούοισθονMay you both be heard
ᾰ̓κουοίσθηνMay they both be heard
ᾰ̓κουοίτηνMay they both hear
ᾰ̓κουοίμεθᾰMay we be heard
ᾰ̓κούοισθεMay you be heard
ᾰ̓κούοιντοMay they be heard
ᾰ̓κούου Thou, be heard
ᾰ̓κουέσθω Let he be heard
ᾰ̓κουέσθωνLet they (both) be heard


Question Answer
ᾰ̓κούεσθαιTo be heard
ᾰ̓κούωνHearing (m)
ᾰ̓κοῦονHearing (n)
ᾰ̓κούουσᾰHearing (f)
ᾰ̓κουόμενοςBeing heard (m)
ᾰ̓κουομένηBeing heard (f)
ᾰ̓κουόμενονBeing heard (n)
ἤκουον I heard, they heard
ἤκουες Thou heard
ἤκουε(ν) He heard
ἠκούετονYou both heard
ἠκουέτηνThey both heard
ἠκούομενWe heard
ἠκούετε You heard
ἠκουόμηνI was heard
ἠκούου Thou wast heard
ἠκούετο He was heard
ἠκούεσθονYou both were heard
ἠκουέσθην They both were heard
ἠκουόμεθᾰWe were heard
ἠκούεσθεYou were heard
ἠκούοντοThey were heard
ᾰ̓κουέτωνLet they both hear