Verbs and Verb Phrases

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Question Answer
Headmain verb
Pre-headcould be an auxiliary verb
Post-headcould be any type of phrase
Auxiliary Verbforms tenses, moods and voices of other verbs
Examples of Auxiliariesbe, have, do, can, could
Aspectconveys extra info about the process or action described by the verb
Progressive Aspectongoing action
Perfective Aspectcompleted action
Habitual actionsregular action
Tensegrammaticalisation of time
Aspectual Formsprogressive and perfective aspects
Moodrelates to the degree of reality that attaches to the verb
Indicative Moodmakes a statement/asks a question
Imperative Moodcommands and requests
Subjunctive Mooddoubtful, not factual; doubt, wish, regret
Complementscompulsory post-modifiers in verb phrases
Adjunctsoptional, provide extra info
Transitivitywhether a verb takes complements, and what they are
Intransitive Verbstake no complements
Transitive Verbstake one NP complement
Ditransitive Verbstake two NP complements
Copulative Verbsbe, seem, appear (take a single complement)
Voicedescribes relationship between action the verb expresses and the participants identified by its arguments
Passive Voice"trainers were bought by just about everyone"
Active Voice"just about everyone bought trainers"
To passivise a sentence in the active voicethe verb must be transitive