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Section 1

Question Answer
disponer de to have, to get, to arrange
aparentarto pretend, to seem/appear
madrugar to wake up really early
trasnochar to go to bed very late
pelearseto quarrel, to fight
rasgar, arañar to scratch
chulear to make fun of
rogarto beg, to plead
exprimir to squeeze, to press
enojarseto get angry
acertarto be right, to hit the mark
sazonarto season

Section 2

Question Answer
cotillear to gossip
emprenderto set out on, to launch (e.g. an army), to undertake (e.g. a project)
acuñar to create, to coin
estar sujeto a to be subject to
sesgarto twist, to distort
hundir to cave in, to sink, to defeat, to destroy
arrastrarto drag, to win over, to bring about
dispararseto shoot up, to go through the roof
abaratar to reduce the price
encarecer to make more expensive
ojear, echar un vistazo to scan, to have a look
odiar to hate, to loath

Section 3