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Pesky Italian Verbs practice drill for verbs sounding almost the same but with different meanings

Section : Verbs - Expanding vocabulary (~click on the link to go to each page)

Verbs normally using A avere, or AE avere/essere or E essere, all in the infinitive with definitions:
Verbs using avere:
( Nota bene: * verbs with reflexive fraternal twin Note: reflexive meanings vary, see * definition and always take essere )
( esampi: parlare to parlar -e to parlar -si to parlarsi )


A1 Italian verbs "to do, to do work"


A1-1 Hint: "to obtain or to pass to another"
A1-2 Hint "make like it is"
A1-3 Hint: "to do"in general
A1-4 Hint "to work"


A2 Italian words related to thoughts and social actions


A2-1a Hint: "the mind"
A2-1b Hint: "the mind"
A2-2 Hint: "to see what may be"
A2-3 Hint: "related to thoughts"
A2-4 Hint: "choices"
A2-5 Hint: "social with others"
A2-7 Hint: " to arrange (in general)"


A3 Italian verbs "on the move or in action"


A3-1 Hint: "it can't stay still"
A3-2 Hint: "changing location"
A3-3 Hint: "changing direction"
A3-4 Hint: "movement "
A3-5 Hint "it's location has changed "
A3-6 Hint " no go"
A3-7 Hint: " vacation"


A4 Italian verbs "trying to live and work"


A4-1a Hint: "trying to work "
A4-1b Hint: "trying to work "
A4-2 Hint: "trying to live"
A4-3a Hint: " dealing with money"
A4-3b Hint: " dealing with money"


A5 Italian verbs process of existing


A5-1 Hint: "life stages "
A5-2 Hint: "senses "
A5-3 Hint: "air "
A5-4Hint; "habits of people"
A5-6 Hint: "habits of animals"


A6 Italian verbs related to everyday life


A6-1 Hint: " to bring together"
A6-2 Hint: "windows and doors"
A6-3 Hint:
A6-4 Hint:
A6-5 Hint: "pictures on the wall"
A6-6 Hint: "in the garden "
A6-7 Hint: "games "
A6-8a Hint: "taking care of things "
A6-8b Hint: "taking care of things "
A6-9 Hint: "NOT taking care of things "


A7 Italian verbs related to caring


A7-1 Hint: " to take care of oneself"
A7-2 Hint: "injury to self"
A7-3 Hint: "caring for each other"


A8 Italian verbs regarding change


A8-1 Hint: "it's not stable"
A8-2a Hint: "confrontation"
A8-2b Hint: "confrontation"
A8-3 Hint: "negative actions"
A8-4 Hint: "change"


A9 Italian verbs "to act upon something"


A9-1Hint: "act upon "
A9-2 Hint: "the act of rearranging"
A9-3 Hint: "within or disperse"
A9-4 Hint: "change something"


A10 Italian verbs to communicate and to be courteous


A10-1a Hint: "to communicate"
A10-1b Hint: "to communicate"
A10-1c Hint: "to communicate"t
A10-2a Hint: "courteous"
A10-2b Hint: "courteous"
A10-2c Hint: "courteous"


A11 Italian verbs "in the kitchen and dining rooms"


A11-1 Hint: " we're in the kitchen "
A11-2 Hint: " we're in the kitchen"
A11-3 Hint: " we're in the kitchen"
A11-5 Hint: " we're in the kitchen"
A11-6 Hint: " we're in the kitchen"
A11-7 Hint: " we're in the kitchen"
A11-8 Hint: " we're at the dining table"


A12 Italian verbs the emotional side of life
A12-1 Hint: " happy "
A12-2 Hint: " not settled"
A12-3 Hint: " to another"
A12-4 Hint: " to strive"
A12-5 Hint: "it can be seen or not seen "


Verbs using avere (transitively) OR essere (intransitively):


AE 1 Italian modal verbs and verbs usually followed by prepositions


AE-1 Modal verbs : use of avere or essere depends on the infinitive it is paired with
AE-2a Hint : "movement"
AE-2b Hint : "movement"
AE-2c Hint : "movement"
AE-3a Hint : "actions"
AE-3b Hint : "actions"
AE-3c Hint : "actions"
AE-4 Hint : "travel"


Verbs using essere:


E1 Italian verbs taking essere (only)


E!-1 Hint: "to exist"
E1-2 Hint: "to move from place to place"
E1-3 Hint: "to move from place to place"
E1-4 Hint: "being-ness"
E1-5 Hint: "positive"
E1-6 Hint: "condition"
E1-7 Hint: "actions"
E1-8 Hint: "to change location"
E1-9 Hint: "to work