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What sets vasc apart from other tubes?1)Contain cell within lumen 2) Identity = Plastic and respsonsive to need 3) Doesnot rise from an epithilium- by condensation of cells 4)Requires lumen generation 5) Flow important?
What is name of the dorsal vessel in Zfish trunk DLAV Dorsal longitudinal anastomosic vessel
What are the 5 steps of vaculogenesis?1) Allocation of primordia 2) Primrary vessel fromation 3) secondary vessel formation by sprouting 4) Lumens form in secondary vessels 5) Connections _ Alteration fo fate
Where do heamangioblasts originateVentrolateral mesoderm
When do primrary areties form?1 day pf
What factors prinicapally determine vasculogenesis1) FLk- VEGFR-2 (detects VEGF-A) Marks haemangioblast- loss = loss of both haemo+angio, 2) VE-cadherin 3)ETV2 MO angioblasy x diff mig or coalesce
What signalling pathwats are at play?VEGF Hh Notch and Ephrins
What morpho events observed by Jin et al 2005?Coalescence of angioblasts to form a single vessel w/ splits into 2. Endoderm is passive a/o instructive substrate since mig occurs in endodermal mutants

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