Variables, observations and inferences

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Independantthe variable that is changed by the scientist. there can be only 1 independant variable. ex: amount of water
dependantchanges in response to the change the scientist makes to the independant variable
controlsquantities that a scientist wants to remain constant (unchanged)
observationsinvolve using senses and tools to describe characteristics of objects or processes
qualitativeinvolves characterisitics that we obtain using our senses: colour, texture, odour
quantitativeinvolves measured characteristics: mass, temperature, length, etc
inferencedrawing a conclusion based on data and obversation, the process of drawing a conclusion from given evidence.
bar graphused when one variable is qualitative and the other is quantitative
line graphline graphs are used when both variables are quantitative
circle graphused when data is quantitative and qualitative. useful to show a whole of something
data tablesused to create an organized way to display information

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