Val's Neurophys facts

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Acetylcholine involved with neuromuscular junction of skeletal muscle and heart
AcetylcholineRelease inhibited by Botulinus toxin
GABA(Gamme-AminoButyric Acid)Most common inhibitory neurotransmitter in CNS
GABA(Gamme-AminoButyric Acid)Body natural "chill pill", anti-anxiety, hyperpolarixation, and Axoaxonic synapses
AcetylcholineCNS,PNS,and ANS. Most studied and understood neurotransmitter.
GlutamatePrimarily Excitatory of CNS, "Stroke" neurotransmitter, excites cells to death
GlutamateInhibited by Endocannaboids, LTP: Consolidation, Recall, Plasticity
GlutamateImportant in Learning & Memory
GlycineMainly inhibitory, (Amino Acid) compliments GABA, Motor & Pain pathways
GlycineStrychnine blocks receptors causing convulsions and res.arrest can be fatal!
AcetylcholineExcitatory neurotransmitter involved with declarative memory

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Norepinephrineaffects Emotional behavior, "Stress" hormone, CNS
NorepinephrineImpulsitivity & Attention, dreaming, mood and storing memories, thermoregulation
Norepinephrineprimary NT of Symp. division of ANS (Fight or Flight) involved with depression andADD/ADHD
Norepinephrineenhanced by amphetamines/ reuptake blocked by Cocaine
SerotoninSleep, sedative,sympathy, mostly CNS, mostly inhibits
SerotoninMood & OCD, Autism, migraines, & appetite
SerotoninHigher brain Analgesic connection with enkephalins
SerotoninLSD & PCP block its effects, Ecstasy enhances its effects, reuptake is blocked by prozac, elevated levels seen in schizophrenia
DopamineThe KING of feel good, Desire, pleasure, anticipation, & addiction
DopamineMainly CNS, Reward Pathways, excites and inhibits
DopamineReleased enhanced by amphetamines and nicotine, Blocked by cocaine
DopamineDeficiency in Parkinsons, hyperproduction in schizophrenia
Histamineexcites and inhibits, CNS, hypothalamus
Histaminesexual arousal, thirst, BP control, inflammation & vasodialator
HistamineAppitite control, Pituitary FXN's, Gastric Acid secretions

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Neuropeptide NT'sSubstance P, mainly excites, PNS, Pain transmissions, Morphine blocks the release reducing perception of pain
Endorphins & EnkephalinsInhibitory, CNS, Pain Killer!, "natural Opiates(Opium, Morphine) will mimic causing Euphoria
Endorphins & Enkephalins"Runners High", "Placebo Effect" suppresses substance P effects
CCK"stop eating " signal, smooth muscle contraction of GI tract
Angiotensin IIStimulates thirst
Adenosine(CNS) when elevated causes drowsiness; caffeine dialates arterioles
Nitric oxide(Arginine)vasodialation(lowers BP), promotes relaxation in smooth muscle
Anandamide(lipid)CNS, Euphoria, Drowsiness, Appetite, targeted by THC

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NeuroblastomaMalignant PNS tumor of children
NeuropathyDegenerative nerve disease
Neurotoxinpoisonous substance that interferes with synapses- Tetrodotoxin (Pufferfish), botulism, Tetanus Toxin